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Who Says Long Distance Relationships Don't Work?

Let's say that you want to buy or sell your home, but it has nothing to do with Idaho.  Typically, that would be the deal breaker for us getting to work together.  Well, for us that simply does not need to be the case!  I am proud to work for Keller Williams for a number of reasons, one of the major ones being that we are part of a global network of outstanding agents and agencies.  What this means is that if you are in search of an agent anywhere in the world, come to me.  Let's chat about what you are looking for in an agent, how you want to be treated, and what would make the whole experience ideal for you.  From here, we can set you up with an agent in your area who we believe will take amazing care of you.  So, let's break that long distance relationship stigma.  It would be my absolute pleasure to be your first point of Real Estate contact and assist you throughout your journey from afar.

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